Israel Electric Company (IEC)

  • SAP/ISU as a core solution with SAP/CRM along side many specific IEC tailored applications based on SAP’s PM/SD/MM/HR modules.
  • Approximately 2.8M customers. 12,000 Employees.
  • Sigma Data Models” implemented on top of SAS Big-Data database. (60TB).
  • Sigma/Studio” as a front-end tool for analysts.
  • Over 75 Sigma Data models covering every business aspect of ISU and CRM.
  • Over 500 active users.
  • Over 2000 reports developed by analysts and end-users using Sigma/Studio.
  • Nightly extraction of more than 400 SAP’s tables.
  • Full and delta extraction of tables managed by BMC’s Control-M scheduler.
  • Stable solution since 2016. 

Sigma for utilities: typical usage at Israel Electric Company (IEC):