Sigma Data Model Principle:
A pre-merged intelligent, denormalized combination of many SAP tables that provides a “flat” overview of a specific business topic. All relationships between the tables and all of the related translation tables are already resolved into a single “flat” big data table. The model contains all the detailed records as an exact replica of the data inside SAP/ISU and SAP/CRM.

Example: SAP/ISU Tables involved in "Meters on Premises" Sigma Data Model:

  • No need to combine all of these tables for each report. It is done once for all needs.
  • Exact replication of all detailed SAP records. Every BP, Installation, meter reading, FICA document, Bill line, Customer interaction etc. is in the models, so you can rely that the data in Sigma replicates the exact data in SAP with no modifications or summation what so ever.
  • Offloads the reporting efforts from SAP’s stuff and the computing resources from the SAP server.
  • Faster performance since every piece of data is already in the model.
  • Better flexibility and accessibility to analysts.
  • Simple “Self-Service” BI.

Analyst's perspective of a Sigma Data Model (shown in Sigma/Studio):

View selected sigma data models: