Utilities challenges and opportunities are heavily dependent on data and analytics:

SAP Analytics and reporting challenges:

SAP/ISU and CRM locked operational data prevents utilities from efficiently exploiting their own data while addressing the challenges facing modern and agile needs.


SAP/ISU objects are complex to understand and has complex structure of inter-relationships:


The SIGMA Approach: Unlock your data

The Concept:
  1. Identify relevant SAP R/3 tables/fields and extract them completely on a daily basis into the target environment.
  2. Solve and “denormalize” all complex SAP relationships within the target environment.
  3. Build “SIGMA Business Data Models” aimed for end-users and business analysts,
  4. Automate the process and tune for performance excellence .
  5. Deploy a sandbox GUI tool that allow end-users to: Explore, Visualize, Manipulate, OLAP, Report, Chart, Model, Simulate, Import, Export and more…
The Benefits:
  1. Single point, single version of the truth of business data easily accessible by every analyst.
  2. An outside Sandbox solution that allow end-users to easily exploit the transactional data hidden in SAP with no limitations and with maximum flexibility.
  3. Quick “out-of-the box” deployment and implementation.
  4. Minimal support is needed. Reports and analytics are completely done by end-users.
  5. Gives the power of mastering the data in the hands of those who needs it, rather than in the expensive hands of SAP/ABAP programmers.

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