Sigma/Studio - Main Menu

  • Sigma/Studio is a true Sandbox solution and BI tool.
  • A  “dream comes true” for business analysts.
  • Sigma Data Models are accessible to every user in a protected environment.
  • Every user can manipulate and create his own tables in an isolated personal sandbox environment.
  • True working studio that also enables processing data for real life problems and complex analytical issues.

Sigma/Studio - Data Viewer

Excel report created by SIGMA
  • Sigma Data Models can be viewed and analyzed interactively.
  • Rich set of built in analytical tools accessible within one mouse click.
  • Can view Sigma Data Models which are a smart combination of many SAP R3 tables.
  • No limit on the amount of rows or columns.
  • High performance engine, can handle millions of rows within seconds without impacting the SAP server.
  • Highly interactive viewer with rich set of Excel compatible conditional formatting.
  • Immediate export to many documents types (XLSX, PDF, DOCX, PPTX, HTML).

Sigma/Studio - MetaData Layer

  • The Model’s meta data layer helps business analysts understand the objects included in the Data Model.
  • Each field (variable) is identified by its characteristic.
  • Each field can have a meta data attached to which serves as organizational knowledge center.

Sigma/Studio - Frequency Drill Down

  • One of the most popular analytical tool is the Frequency Drill Down feature.
  • Automatic and intuitive drill down on any column without prior definition.
  • Distribution of discrete values (Dimension) with statistical analysis.
  • Unlimited levels of drill down.
  • Each drill down presents the distribution of next level values.

Sigma/Studio - Histogram Drill Down

  • The Histogram Drill Down feature can show distribution and density of linear values. (Measures).
  • Automatic and intuitive drill down on any column without prior definition.
  • Unlimited levels of drill down.
  • Each drill down presents the next level distribution of values.

Sigma/Studio - Decomposition Tree

  • Each drill down on data is recorded in the Decomposition Tree.
  • A complete break down of values with all analytical values.
  • Helps to understand the behavior of data and the patterns hidden in it.

Sigma/Studio - Project Editor

  • A Sigma project is a series of actions designed to run in order to perform a task. Usually a project is used for creating a report or series of combined reports/charts (dashboard)  but can be any other data processing task like automatic distributing tailored sms/email to customers, loading files to other servers and applications or other.
  • An action in the project can be a data management action like: sort, merge, subset, split, append, summarize, sample, import or export. These actions allow you to manipulate Sigma Data Models and create new tables based on existing ones all in your own protected and isolated sandbox environment.
  • Data management capabilities allow to handle any data manipulation required for complex analytics.
  • You can integrate your own SAS code for even more complex scenarios.
  • Other actions provides a variety of tools to design complex reports (detailed and tabular), charts, kpi, and dashboards.
  • Each action has a specific GUI wizard for assigning it’s characteristics.
  • Each user can design his own project or share projects with other analysts.
  • Project runs in an isolated sandbox environment.
  • Project can run in batch or be scheduled.
  • Project can have prompts (Parameters) that users assign when submitting.
  • Project can be submitted for execution from within Sigma of from Sigma/Web of from Sigma/Mobile application.

Sigma/Studio - Chart Editor

  • Charts can be designed by users in an intuitive GUI.
  • No need to move data into other tools to create professional look charts.
  • Rich set of business charts (Pie, Bar, Plot, Scatter, Barline, Bubble, Histogram and many more).
  • Charts can be embedded into documents (xlsx, pptx, docx, pdf, html) and dashboards.
  • Supports batch and online producing of multiple charts (pages).
  • Supports many design elements via a GUI that controls every visual aspect of the chart.


Sigma/Studio - KPI Editor

  • Intuitive GUI to design your own set of KPI.
  • Work immediately on top of Sigma Data Models. No need to move data to a 3rd party product.
  • Reach set of designs to meet every visualization need.

Sigma/Studio - The Excel Dashboard Editor

  • Sigma Excel Dashboard Editor is a GUI tool to design the dashboard.
  • Sigma Excel dashboard is a true XLSX file.
  • Dashboards can span multiple tabs in an Excel workbook.
  • Sigma reports, charts, infoboxes  and KPIs designed in previous actions in the project, are all objects that can be placed inside a tab in the dashboard.
  • Dashboards are sent via email to recipients according to a distribution matrix rules attached to the dashboard.
  • The whole process can be run in a batch mode producing tailored made dashboards to multiple recipients.

Sigma/Studio - OLAP (Pivot) Viewer

Sigma4Sap - The OLAP Editor
  • Interactive CUBE/OLAP viewer is embedded into SIGMA data viewer.
  • Extremely high performance cube engine based on SAS/SPDE engine.
  • No need to have knowledge in complex MDX queries.
  • Multi-dimensional (Pivot) tables can be created instantaneously.
  • Up to 12 dimensions (each with 10 drill-down levels).
  • Support for date/time dimensions.
  • Unlimited measures.
  • Support for distinct values calculations.
  • Support for incremental update of an existing cube.
  • Automatic drill-down into detailed data.
  • Immediate export to Excel.
  • Server Hardware: Linux
  • Server side software: SAS Linux license (SAS/BASE 9.4 and above only).
  • Client side software: any x-window package (EG: FastX, Exceed, MOBA or other).
  • Cloud enabled.
  • No need for any other software/rdbms tool.